Transitions: Destruction of a Mother Tongue

Darrell Kipp and Joe Fisher

This provocative film by Blackfeet producers explores the relationship between language, thought, culture, and examines the impact of language loss in Native American communities. The film chronicles the disappearance of the Blackfeet tribal language during the years of 1890-1990, with analysis of why the Mother tongue was destroyed. The film points out the tremendous loss that is only now beginning to be realized, not only by tribal members, but also by the society around them. The film also illustrates the commonality of language loss amongst Indian Tribes and other ethnic groups in America.

"Movingly documents...the consequences to communities when their language is lost."

The Sundance Film Festival

Running time: 30:00

Available on DVD and VHS.
Home use: 39.95
Educational Use: 99.95

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"Program of the Year", National Indian Education Association

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