Half of Anything

Jonathan S. Tomhave

“…Indians have no history.”

John Trudell

“This film promotes powerful discussions about identity.”

Richard Mayhew, Artist Emeritus, Penn State

The question, “What is a REAL Indian?” seems at first blush to be a simple question about identity. However, any question about identity is never simple.

Half of Anything is a documentary in which four participants (Christina Entrekin, Sherman Alexie, Deborah Bassett, and John Trudell) examine the notion of how Indian identity is constructed from their individual and often very personal perspectives.

Available on DVD and VHS.
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Educational Use: 99.95

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Screenings and Awards

The American Indian Film Festival


Institute of American Indian Arts

Winner: Best Documentary, The Tulalip Film Festival

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ImagineNATIVE Film Festival

The Native Voice Film and Video Festival

(Upcoming) The National Museum of the American Indian Film and Video Festival