A Century of Genocide in the Americas: The Residential School Experience

Rosemary Gibbons and Dax Thomas, 2002

A Century of Genocide in the Americas: The Residential School Experience is a short but powerful documentary about how Indian Residential Schools became a haven for institutionalized sexual abuse. The inspiration for the film comes from the First Nations survivors who have taken legal action against the institutions that perpetuated this destructive cycle; these are the very same institutions whose purpose and mandate was to "provide" for their well being. This video takes a historical look at how the systematic removal of First Nations children from their families and community not only made the them easy targets for pedophiles but also how these vile acts turned many of the victims into predators. The second half shows First Nations peoples taking legal action against not only the pedophiles, but also against the Canadian government and churches while at the same time using their traditional ways of healing in order to bring back joy and balance back within their own lives and also within their communities.

"A quiet and powerful story. There's so much pain here and so much poetry. This is a movie we all need to see."

Sherman Alexie

Running time: 17:45

Available on DVD and VHS.
Home use: 39.95
Educational Use: 99.95

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Screenings and Awards

WINNER: 2002 Best Documentary Film, Short Subject, American Indian Film Institute

IMAGeNation 5th Annual Film and Video Festival

Incite: Women of Color Against Violence

Surival and Beyond, Sponsored by: Indian Residential Society
Boarding School Abuse Project

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