10th Anniversary Native Voices Film Festival

Film Festival

Join us as we celebrate 10 years of the Native Voices program at UW. Most of our graduates are returning to help celebrate our anniversary. Friday, May 3rd, 7-10 pm, with a reception at 6pm. University of Washington campus, Kane Hall 220.

UWTV showcases Native Voices films

In its Sunday series running through Nov. 4, 2012, Voices of the First Peoples, UWTV showcases films created by American Indian filmmakers, many of them produced through the Native Voices program at the University of Washington, as well as other award-winning PBS films. The films explore themes of identity, survival, racism and exploitation, children, history, community, and activism, opening a window into First People's issues, culture and history.

The series is hosted by Daniel Hart, co-director of Native Voices, and Charlotte Cote. It airs on UWTV Sundays at 7 p.m.

New films released

  • “Frybread Babes”
  • “In Laman’s Terms: Looking at Lamanite Identity”
  • “History Lessons”
  • “Reclaiming Our Children: a story of the Indian Child Welfare Act”

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Native Voices crew

Native Voice Film Festival 2008