Appointment Policies

The following policies attempt to insure that tutors will be available to you and others equally:

  • Regular weeks:
    During a normal week, you may sign up for 4 appointments.

  • High-Traffic weeks:
    During exceptionally busy weeks, you may sign up for 1 appointment.

  • Missed Appointments:
    If you miss (fail to show up for) a total of 5 appointments, you will lose the ability to sign up via the website for the rest of the year.

  • Timely Cancellations:
    If you must cancel an appointment, please do so promptly — at the minimum 60 minutes in advance.
    Appointments cancelled later than this will count as missed appointments — with the following exception:

  • Timely Cancellations: EXCEPTION
    An appointment held 25 minutes or less and cancelled at least 20 minutes prior to an appointment will not count as a missed appointment.